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Jessie Kleemann

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Jessie Kleemann (GL)

June 23 - September 16, 2012

perlekrave 2012 til dronningen















sassuma arnaa 2012

With the use of familiar objects from Greenlandic culture the artist Jessie Kleemann challenges and discusses the formation of female Greenlandic identity and the tension that emerges between cultural influence from the outside and a strong bodily understand of belonging.

In the exhibition is a monumental version of the pearl collar from the Greenlandic national garment. Even though the glass pearls arrived with the Europeans around 17th-18th Century, they are today considered an important part of the female national garment, where the pearl collar is used to signal gender, age, married or unmarried within the culture.

Besides the Pearl Collar the exhibition shows a praying tent Saassuma Arnaa  (Mother of the Ocean – translated) and a film by the same name, where the kitsch and spiritual is investigated as fundamental parts of culture. In other works such as the seal blubber installation and the ritual stone formation Jessie Kleemann works with the perishable of Greenlandic elements. But also monotypes and poems are exhibited at the installational exhibition, which unfolds the complexity of the I that is both in constant change and deeply rooted in the narratives of culture.