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sanne grauengaard the area


Nana Rosenørn Holland Bastrup
Sanne Grauengaard
Timo Andersen
Michael Würts Overbeck

April 1st - April 29th, 2012


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 spring 009






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The exhibition period surrounding Easter presents the open, adjudicated exhibition Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling / KP12 (The Artists’ Easter Exhibition), the group exhibition spring12 with four former participants in KP, as well as the exhibition Solo12 with the former spring participant Elin Maria Bruun-Nystedt (SE). 

The three exhibitions unfold throughout the exhibition area of the Aarhus Art Building and together offer insight into the artistic food chain, from hopeful budding artists through larger presentations in group contexts to solo exhibitions and the established, professional art world; a process that is at once nascent and in full maturity here. The board of the Artists’ Easter Exhibition is behind all three exhibitions. 

Spring is a platform for artists who have earlier exhibited at KP, and who are given an opportunity here to develop and elaborate an artistic project in the conditions of the group exhibition.

The participating artists at spring12 are Nana Rosenørn Holland Bastrup, Sanne Grauengaard, Timo Andersen and Michael Würts Overbeck.

The artistic supervisor at spring12 is Anders Visti.